December 25, 1991 - "Dearest Journal"

The blog section of our website is a way to remember and honor Melissa through our favorite stories of her and to share  her life and experiences, in her own words, through excerpts from her journals. Melissa intermittently kept journals from 4th grade until the year before she passed. Sometimes humorous, often sassy, and sometimes sad, her simple written accounts of the highs and lows she experienced offer insight into the wonderful human that she was.

With Christmas 2017 fast approaching, our first entry is from Christmas 1991:


Dearest Journal:

Today was such a marvelous day. I got so many wonderful things for Christmas, and the best was a gorgeous aquarium! I can't wait to get it started and get our fish! I also got some great new clothes and my Aunt Sally made my sister and I the most cool denim jackets -- with glitter and rhinestones and sparkles. They're the neatest thing! Then, we had my favorite dinner - ham, mashed potatoes and gravy. It was excellent.

Well, it's 10pm and the day has just about ended. I'm very tired and I have to go up and do my 6th home dialysis exchange. In not even two days from now I will have to stop my home dialysis and go start hemodialysis at the hospital because of a small hernia in my belly. My surgeon is great and she's extremely confident that she can fix me right up. That makes me feel better. I'll be fine once it's all over.

Thank God for my family and their hugs, support and good shoulders to lean on. And I really love my new journal -- this one is giving me special pleasure to write in because it came from my mom and has toe shoes on the cover. My favorite.


The mixture of a description of an average family Christmas flowing into a commentary on hernias, surgery and dialysis is so striking. That was Melissa. Focusing on the positive, being grateful for the good, and staying strong through the scary.


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